uuuuugh i wanna color my hair again… maybe re-try aqua blue or go for pastel pink

5, 10, 15?

aaa i thought i deleted the survey for these off my blog but i didn’t, under a cut cause i get verbose on 15

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NYC // 2014




the most unattractive quality to me in other people is constant belittling of what means a lot to others. being contrarian just to be contrarian. people who love to play devil’s advocate. a kind of smugness about everything. an air of being above everyone because you don’t care about anything deeply like the people you mock


Windows Screensavers


    Evil underwater demon bananas.


What do you get when you put together an illustrator, his Bull Terrier, and some white walls? An imaginative series of portraits starring the adorable pup, of course! Rafael Mantesso uses Instagram (@rafaelmantesso) to document his fun doodling adventures with his dog, Jimmy Choo.


Paul Jung
Melitta Baumeister AW, 2014

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